Actual Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seasonal products and delicatessen, prepared with love.

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Welcome to La Palmera

A few words about us

The history of La Palmera

In January 1994, La Palmera started its journey from the hands of Rosa and Mateu.

First established in an old grocery store, it originally started as a charcuterie, a charming and warm store where the customer could taste and buy selected top quality products.

Little by little the tasting of local dishes evolved and eventually grew to become the restaurant that is today, a space that offers current catalan cuisine with international influence.

In 2002, David, the oldest son, joined the team of professionals, and together persist daily and rigorously to offer an excellent gastronomic experience..

And about our kitchen

For the foie, delicatessen and fresh seasonable products enthusiasts

Our cuisine is Mediterranean, exclusively elaborated with fresh and great quality ingredients.
Amongst our culinary offer, our salad, entree, vegetable, meat and fish dishes stand out, and specially the foie based dishes, a highlight of our menu.

We also take pride in our six course tasting menu, one of the successes of our kitchen.

We are a small, rustic and informal restaurant in the heart of l’Eixample: a small oasis in the midst of the busy streets where you will enjoy a slow meal in a unique atmosphere.


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La Palmera is a cozy restaurant in Barcelona’s Eixample that has tables of 2, 4 and 6 people. If you want a table for more diners, get in touch with us. (We have a private room with capacity for 18 people).

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If you prefer you can make your reservation by phone. Call us at 93 453 23 38  or by whatsapp to 690 82 49 49
You can find us 11:00h to 17:00h and 20:00h to 00:30h

Kitchen schedule

Monday lunch 13:00h to 16:00h
Tuesday lunch 13:00h to 16:00h Dinner 20:00h to 23:30h
Wednesday lunch 13:00h to 16:00h Dinner 20:00h to 23:30h
Thursday  lunch 13:00h to 16:00h Dinner 20:00h to 23:30h
Friday lunch 13:00h to 16:00h Dinner 20:00h to 0:00h
Saturday  lunch 13:00h to 16:00h Dinner 20:00h to 0:00h

Sunday closed

Holidays to consult

Starters to taste or share

  • Jabugo ham

    (dry cured ham) DO Jabugo

  • Croquettes
    3,90 2u.
    7,20 4u.

    with potatoes

  • squid croquettes
    5,90€ 3u.
    11,50€ 6u.
    and squid ink
  • Anchovies from Cantabrian
    8,80€ 4u.
    17,60€ 8u.
    with garlic and parsley
  • Flowers of Tête Moine
  • Crispy little packets
    5,90€ 2u.
    11,50€ 4u.

    of brandade of cod

  • Scrambled eggs with french frites

    and Jabugo ham or foie-gras

  • Rice blood sausage (morcilla)
    4,50€ 2u.
    8,00€ 4u.

    with apple and onion

  • Crispy prawn tails
    12,10 €

    with shrimp oil

  • Toast with grilled brie
    12,50 €

    and iberian ham

  • Assortment of three cheese
    11,50 €

    with jam

  • Salad with lentils

    with Jabugo ham, prawn, tomato, onion and mint vinaigrette

  • Mango salad with fresh foie-gras

    and crunchy macadámia nuts

  • Assortment of grilled vegetables
    with romesco sauce
  • Warm of green asparagus

    with prawns, Jabugo ham and parmesan cheese

  • Sautéed vegetables with shrimp and scallop

    grilled and yakitori sauce

  • Eggplant with goat cheese grilled

    wiyh alittle honey and escalibada

  • Bread
  • Drum of escalivada
    with iberian ham

Dishes with foie

  • Toast with mushrooms, grilled fresh foie

    and onion to Pedro Ximénez reduction

  • Apple tatin with grilled fresh foie

    Oporto sauce and mushrooms

  • Raviolis stuffed of fresh foie

    and truffled sauce

  • Mushrooms with potatoes

    and chips of foie to pine nuts reduction

Our meat and fish

  • Fillet of pork to café of París sauce

    with potatoes and mushrooms

  • Fillet beef steak grilled

    with fine beans and onions and potatoes

  • Fillet of beef

    with fine beans, onions, potatoes and piece of fresh duck liver

  • Toast with minced sausage, mushrooms

    and caramelized onion

  • Carpaccio of beef

    with parmesan cheese and vinum acre vinaigrette

  • Canelonnis of crab and shrimp
    with bechamel sauce
  • Cod with samfaina

    and all i oli sauce

  • Grilled fresh tuna steak

    with peppers and potatoes

  • Grilled hake

    with vegetables and romesco sauce

  • Carpaccio of cod

    with almonds and tomato sauce

  • Tuna carpaccio

    with vinaigrette of citrus and species

Seasonal dishes

  • Apple vichyssoise
  • Corgette flowers in tempura
    stuffed of blood sausage with romesco sauce
  • Carpaccio of figs,
    with mushrooms sauce and fresh truffle
  • Figs
    with chips of duck liver


Menu 35€

Menus available from 10 people

  • Appetizer
    Gin tonic sorbet with young cheese and raspberry
  • Starters
    Salad with pomegranate, quince and honey vinaigrette.

    Toast wit peppers, eggplant and anchovie

    Fried artichokes

    Crispy packet of brandade of cod

    Bread with tomato

  • Main to choose
    Raviolis stuffed of foie with duck ham and foie micuit.

    Sautéed vegetables with grilled scallop and shrimps with yakitori sauce.

    Grilled hake with vegetables and romesco sauce.

    Beef cheek with apple and mushrooms.

  • Dessert to choose
    Chocolate fondant with meringuée milk ice cream

    Lemon pie

    Crema catalana

  • Wine
    Eguren Ugarte red
    Valonga chardonnay white

    * The menu includes: 1 bottle of wine each two persons, water and coffee
    * The menu not includes: Starting beers and soft drinks , long drinks


Menu 40€

Menus available from 10 people

  • Appetizer
    Marc of champagne sorbet with crispy packet of cod
  • Starters
    Salad with mango and dices of fresh foie gras.

    Eggplant with goat cheese and honey.

    Squid and squid ink croquette.

    Ball of smoked salmon.

    Coca bread with tomato

  • Main to choose
    Sautéed vegetables, with grilled shrimps, scallop and yakitori sauce

    Crispy prawn tails with prawn oil.

    Mushrooms with potatoes and chips of duck liver.

    Small steaks of beef with cafe from París  sauce

  • Dessert to choose
    Chocolate fondant with meringuée milk ice cream

    Lemon pie

    Crema catalana

    Glass of cava

  • Wine
    Gamarús Montsant – Eguren Ugarte Rioja (Red)
    Vinyes del Grau blanco Terra Alta ( White)

    * The menu includes: 1 bottle of wine each two persons, water and coffee
    * The menu not includes: Starting beers and soft drinks , long drinks


Location and contact


Carrer d’Enric Granados, 57, 08008 Barcelona
Reservations: 934 53 23 38

We are at your disposal

If you want to ask us a question, request or suggestion, this is your space. We will take your comments into account, thanks in advance. You can also ask us about allergies and food intolerances.
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